Class of 1962 Belleville, NJ

Belleville NJ,Belleville High School,Class of 1962


April 28, 2012 was a great day in the long and remarkable history of the grand Class of '62, Belleville, NJ.  On that day, a large number of Classmates gathered at the Fairfield Executive Inn at a reunion to celebrate who they were and what they have done. On this page we will try to share some of the color and excitement.

"Beautiful Belleville High School Women" by Classmate Ray Hackett

Opening Ceremonies


Master of Ceremonies Classmate Ed Burdzy opens the event by leading the invocation.


Class President Andy Provence welcomes the Grand Class of '62.


Classmate Pat Zicaro leads thegroup in The Pledge of Allegiance.



M.C. Ed Burdzy reads a Resolution from the State Senate honoring the Class of '62 and their many accomplishments.


 M.C. Ed Burdzy reads a letter from Governor Christe commemorating the Class of '62.

The Class of '62 Does The Stroll!

Listen in as it begins, first with the original song, then fades to live audio of the group kicking up their heels !

  It's been a long time, but it was just as much fun as ever ! 

Classmate Tom Motzer entertained us with a song which he composed.