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The Super Crew of '62                   

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In the beginning of the season the Crew looked very promising. At Arlington High, Poughkeepsie, NY, they won by three lengths. Unfortunately they lost in a close race by only six seats in the Lower Marion High race at Philadelphia. Their third race with Blessed Scarament High, New Rochelle, NY, was won by a wide margin of ten lengths. The group looked forward to events in the Poughkeepsie Regatta and the Schoolboy National Championship event at the New Jersey Regatta at Red Bank.  [Text from '62 Monad]


Coxwain Babb puts the varsity shell through its paces. The oarsmen are Stroke Andy Provence, Bob Patterson, Jim Bade, John Wohlmann, Walter Orth, Bob Higgins, Joe McDermott and Larry Bernard.  [Text from '62 Monad] 


On the dock at the Passaic River ready for a good day's workout are Belleville's 1962 Varsity oarsmen. Left to right are Stroke Andy Provence, Bob Patterson, Jim Bade, Bob Higgins, John Wohlmann, Coxwain Bob Babb, Larry Bernard, Walter Orth, Joe McDermott, Ray Morrison and Mike Rega. Kneeling in the background is Marty Jaquith.[Text from '62 Monad] 


Things look fine while coaches Lally and Scher inspect results of a practice run as Coxwain Bob Babb and Stroke Andy Provence look on approvingly. {Text from '62 Monad]













 Crew coaches Stanley Scher and Michael Lally.

 Some photos from 1961




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