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This page is dedicated to the official superstars of the Belleville High School Class of 1962.  It's a collection of the greatest hits of our favorite rock n roll group, The Delicates.

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Black and White Thunderbird

Ronnie Is My Lover 

Little Boy of Mine


 Flip Flip


  Too Young To Date

The Kiss

    It's so good to hear these again!

The Delicates - Discography

 Tender 818 1959 The Johnny Bunny / My First Date
 UNART 2017 1959 Black and White Thunderbird / Ronnie is My Lover
 UNART 2024 1959 Meusurray / Ring a Ding
 United Artists 210 1960 Flip Flip / Your Happiest Years
 United Artists 228 1960 Too Young To Date / The Kiss
 Roulette 4321 1961 Little Ship / Not Tomorrow
 Roulette 4360 1961 Little Boy Of Mine / Dickie Went And Did It
 Roulette 4387 1961 I Don't Know Why (I Just Do) / Strange Love

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